First Live Television Appearance

On National Television President’s Day 2022

Thanks to NewsMax TV for inviting me to discuss Divine encounters with a national audience. I believe it’s a first! Host Shaun Kraisman noted at the outset the segment was “a little different from what we cover here” and he was spot on. They courageously took a chance on putting this subject on the air. And they are the first to do so.

I mentioned the spiritual experiences from Biblical times to the present, including those recently revealed by acclaimed actor Jon Voight and NFL MVP Cooper Kupp. These stories are testaments to how Divine encounters transform us from the inside out.

Spiritual evolution is something the world needs to hear more about. In order for there to be peace and prosperity for all, we must grow from within and resolve our inner conflicts. Wish we had more time to dig deeper, but thankful for the opportunity. I will continue working to make spiritual growth a newsworthy topic and look forward to improving my presentation of the subject matter. Please enjoy the news clip.

Thank you. AG

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