New Website is Live and Streaming!

Hello friends! My new website is live.  We custom built it to provide a variety of ways to engage with spiritually uplifting content and with likeminded souls seeking a more abundant life. For starters, we’ve created a Community Forum where you can ask questions or post your insights. Members can respond to one another. You can also search for a topic that interests you.

There’s much more. The site features videos and hosts my podcast Beyond the Sphere with Al Guart. The first podcast features a one hour interview of 2024 Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  (This podcast was banned by YouTube). You’ll also find the new site is home to my blog. We’ve organized the blog into three categories: articles, inspirational writings and announcements. We even added a search feature for your convenience!

Register on the site to be alerted about live webinars and upcoming mountain retreats that will include outdoor activities, yoga, guided meditation, campfires and more. The point is building a community for lasting change that starts from within.

Finally, you can download the ebook and audiobook editions of Beyond the Sphere: Encounters with the Divine directly from the site at reduced prices.

Reaching Out to Businesses and Schools

Businesses can now consult with me about ways to foster self-awareness in the workplace to reduce conflict while boosting morale and productivity. Educational institutions now can to schedule my visit to their campus to explore spiritual, religious and philosophical matters. And why not? Spiritual enrichment needs to be part of every aspect of human life.

We invested so much work and love in this website and hope you will enjoy all it has to offer. Please visit and register to receive periodic updates and access to all its features. Celebrate the website launch with us by signing up for a free download of the award winning Beyond the Sphere audiobook on Spotify! This is a limited time only offer.

Sadly, we will be shutting down the old website in the coming months. While it’s helped us connect in a limited way, the new site goes so much further. It is helping us foster a community of spiritual explorers who can meet in person at our retreats. Learn more by clicking on this link:

New website launch

Check out my new website!


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