Tag: meditation

Tag: meditation

New Website is Live and Streaming!

Hello friends! My new website is live.  We custom built it to provide a variety of ways to engage with spiritually uplifting content and with likeminded souls seeking a more abundant life. For starters, we’ve created a Community Forum where you can ask questions or post your insights. Members can respond to one another. You

Parable of the Hummingbird and the Trumpet Creeper

It was early Autumn when a Hummingbird entered a garden and hovered next to a Trumpet Creeper, drawn by her orange-red petals and intoxicated by the scent of her nectar. “Hello Trumpet Creeper!” the joyful bird announced. “I bring you stories from afar to lift your spirits and am here to keep you company.” It


Winds blow without chartered course Hypnotically swaying naked branches Ears hear without discernment A song that wrote itself Raindrops hurtle toward Earth As thunderheads shout their relief Eyes bear silent witness To whatsoever appears before them Sun slips below the horizon Awakening every nocturnal creature  Eternity hums night time melodies Orchestrated by a nameless Maestro

The Emergence of Creative Awareness

In 2006, comedian Robin Williams said this in an ABC News interview: “The thing that matters are others. Way beyond yourself. Self goes away. Ego, bye-bye.” In this ostensibly virtuous statement he briefly mentioned Buddhism and Christianity. Eight years later, his ego-effacing hypothesis reached its logical conclusion: he hanged himself.   For centuries religious figures, mystics,

Your Attention Please

Millions watched in awe as he glided backwards on stage while his limbs made strides to move forward. He then suddenly spun one full turn, stopped to face his audience and simultaneously touched his hat and his crotch. Michael Jackson had not only mastered the moonwalk, but the art of capturing our attention. So have

Beyond Conflict

With the dawn of human consciousness came a unique and unnatural experience called inner conflict. For the first time creatures roamed the Earth free from the hard-wired programming of instinct that guided the rest of the animal kingdom. These new beings now possessed the capacity for abstract thought. A miracle had taken place – the

Podcast: Divine Visitation and Spiritual Rebirth

In this podcast, Rick Sheill and I take a deep dive into the human experience called Divine visitation. We also explore the role of psychological death in the process of spiritual rebirth and how it leads to a more abundant life. Along the way we discuss the decline of mainstream religion, the materialistic underpinnings of

Adam, Eve and the Eclipse of Original Awareness

“The state of pure consciousness without content, which might seem puzzling at first sight, is something that all contemplatives have experienced.” Matthieu Ricard The rich symbolism in the “Fall of Man” story found in the Book of Genesis reveals a cautionary tale on how the original state of pure human consciousness became dominated by knowledge

First Live Television Appearance

On National Television President’s Day 2022 Thanks to NewsMax TV for inviting me to discuss Divine encounters with a national audience. I believe it’s a first! Host Shaun Kraisman noted at the outset the segment was “a little different from what we cover here” and he was spot on. They courageously took a chance on